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Program Sponsorship Excellence

Program Sponsorship Excellence is a 6 hour workshop developed to assist executives that are new to project sponsorship or want to refresh their skills and share the experience of other sponsors.

​According to the Project Management Institute and BCG, Project Sponsors with advanced sponsorship skills have superior project outcomes.

Despite this evidence fewer than 36% of organisations provide professional development for the role of executive sponsor. (Pulse of the profession. In depth report. Executive Sponsor Engagement- Top driver of project and program success PMI Oct 2014)

The Program Sponsorship Excellence workshop deals with the role of the Project Sponsor in quite a different way. It is not about the Role Purpose Statement or Steering Committee Charter but the application of executive skills in a new context.

Things that are covered in the workshop.

  • What is really the Business Case? How do you deal with the uncertainty of the real world in the business case?

  • Do you have the right team to deliver? How do you know?

  • How do you get the greatest value from your relationship with your Project Director/ Project Manager?

  • Are you the Change Agent you think you are?

  • What are the 7 attributes of a highly effective Sponsor and how do you apply those attributes in your project context?

Who should attend?

  • Executives that are new to project sponsorship and those executives that require a refresher

  • Program Directors wanting to understand the other side of the partnership